Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix

Why Use Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix?

Zing Zang bloody Mary mix has become one of the top cocktail mixes in the country. It’s convenience cannot be overlooked.  It’s flavor? Heck, it’s not bad.  But let’s face it: It’s not that good either. I’m always disappointed when I see the bartender grab that green labeled bottle when I order a bloody Mary. I mean really- You are a professional bartender and you can’t even make your own bloody Mary? What’s even worse is a practice that I call, “5hit-piling.”  The bartender uses Zing Zang bloody Mary mix, or some other shortcut, then feels the need to add their own touch. “We use Zing Zang, but I like to jazz it up a little.” They pile a little more on top of a recipe that already has more ingredients than you can shake a stick at. (see illustration:) Run for your life! Adding Worcestershire sauce and celery salt to Zing Zang bloody Mary mix puts the sodium level up high enough keep you retaining water for a month. (note on the label that Zing Zang has 25% of the recommended daily allowance of sodium in ONE COCKTAIL!!

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zing zang bloody Mary mix Ingredients

zing zang bloody Mary mix ingredients

With the exception of a mix called Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings, I have yet to find a mix that has only ingredients that I keep in my kitchen cupboard. Is there a little chemistry involved in mixing a good bloody Mary? Sure. Is it rocket science? Nope. Read over some of the bloody Mary recipes I’ve written on other pages. Watch my video. Shake up a bloody Mary from scratch. Then tell me: Is there really any reason to use Zing Zang bloody Mary mix?

zing zang bloody Mary recipe

Zing Zang Zoom?

Okay, okay, I will admit. Once, in college, I experimented. I inhaled deeply and enjoyed a little Zing Zang. If you must use a no-brainer, pre-made, commercial bloody Mary mix, you could do much worse than Zing Zang bloody Mary mix. But before you do, consider the cost per ounce. If you’re a bar owner, odds are that it’s much cheaper to make your own, or use a concentrate like Demitri’s. At least try making your own best ever bloody Mary mix recipe. My guess is that you can do better. Zoom!!   -Greg My short bio


  1. rooster says:

    I agree homemade is the best. My wife likes zing zang because she gets off work late at night and its quick.

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  9. Try Tony Chachere’s Bloody Mary!!! Unlike ZZ its Gluten Free, Low Sodium, All Natural and No HFCS.

  10. Best Bloody Mary mix ever . . . . makes great red beer, pretty good straight out of the bottle, all by its self . . . better than a V-8,

  11. yes it is…. i have 3 friends that have this mix in their fridges…… and at least 4 bars in the milwaukee area,,,,, its a good mix…. too bad its from illinois!!!!!!

  12. Yes Erica Black, this is a mix

  13. yeah- life is too short

  14. Right?

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